OUTLeads Meeting

Vision Statement

To offer a forum where our members can increase their business through networking with other members on a regular basis. To offer a supportive environment that allows each member to share products or services with others who want to help them succeed.



1. Craft exceptional referrals to the team

2. Offer members opportunities and resources to support the growth of their business

3. Develop a culture of inclusion, celebration, and connection


Welcome, Guests!

Introduce yourself & your business.

Elevator Pitch

In 15 to 30 seconds:

Step 1 : Who are you?


Step 2 : What do you do?


Step 3 : What do I need to know about your business/product service? What value do you offer? What problem do you solve?


Step 4 : What makes you or your business unique? Why should I keep listening? 


What are you celebrating in your business this week?


Annual Dues

Chad is collecting our $35 annual dues for the group, you can use Venmo at:
venmo@metropolist or reach out to him directly to send him a check or use PayPal or Zelle.


Final Points of Interest
Thank you and have a great day!